Thanks Tina,
You guys are the best! Your customer service is second to none. Having folks like you who are willing to go the extra mile for guys like us down range, helps to ease the stresses of our lives.
I think that is why Matt spoke so highly of you, and I believe there are some more guys who will be wanting to place orders in the coming weeks.
Thanks a million.
Take care
Mike S.


I used my new ANR-1 headset this week and flew over five hours in two days and I love it!!!  I used my cell phone with it and the quietness and clarity were that of much more expensive units.  I think I might order the gel pads for the ears and headband that you mentioned.  I think that will make it that much more comfortable. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product.
David W.


Happy Thanksgiving, Tina, 
And thank you for the very nice calendars which you gave to Johnny and to me on Tuesday.  We'll make very good use of them. And while we thank the Lord for all the graces and benefits he showers on us, it can't hurt for me to speak up now and say thanks for the excellent support for our flying activities.  You and your cohorts are what aviation is all about.  
Bob L.


Tina, you may remember me when I stopped by a couple of weeks ago to purchase some charts.  I really liked your pilot shop!
Warm Regards.
Robert R.


I’m the guy who purchased a headset Monday from ya (I believe it was the Victor 1 ANR). I had one I had purchased from some Chinese off brand online that I didn’t like and Bob G. mentioned your place.
I wanted to let you know the new headset is awesome, I used it this morning and it is great. It is night and day between the 2 headsets. 
I just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation and taking the time to explain some of the headsets to me. You have a new customer (new to flying) that will be coming to you first for future purchases with aviation. 
Thanks again.


Just got my headset today, and it is awesome! Thanks for the note as well, your customer service is second to none. I have posted your card so if anyone else would like to order some cool pilot stuff.
Thanks again.


I appreciate your call and for your products. I am a loyal customer now! If you need me to give a testimony of the V1 ANR's let me know. I was VERY skeptical when I purchased them two weeks ago. One flight was all it took!
My boys will be very excited for the surprise, too. I will take a picture and send it to you when they put them on.
Thanks again for being who you guys are and for providing the level of service that you do. 
God bless.
Dr. Devon S.


I can't say enough about how comfortable and clear it is. I used my CFI's Bose X, and this rivals it in terms of comfort (no pinchies on 2x3 hour legs in one day) and ANR capability, and has better PNR to boot. I did get the gel ear seals (which Tina installed for me before shipping) and they are a huge plus. For the $300 I spent including shipping and level of service from Tina's pilot shop, this headset can't be beat.
Great product - Far superior to my David Clark.


Just a note to say thanks, I received the headset, and want to say, the attention to the sale and the little extras are very cool.
Much appreciated, keep up the good work, I am on my way out the door to try out this headset. It is going to be SO COOL to have less engine noise PLUS stereo music while I fly.  Life is good.