Jeppesen CFI - Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit

Jeppesen CFI - Part 61/141 Deluxe Kit

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Jeppesen Flight Instructor Kits, developed for both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 training programs, are the most complete flight instructor training package available. The Deluxe 61/141 Flight Instructor Kit is developed for FAR Part 141 training programs. It contains the following materials: Flight Instructor Manual, FAR/AIM Manual (paper), Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual, Flight Instructor Syllabus, Flight Instructor Record Folder, Flight Instructor PTS (single-, multi-engine land/sea, instrument), CFI, Ground Instructor, CFII and MEI FAA Exam Package, Aviation Instructor Handbook, and Pilot Kit Bag (black). 

- CFI Textbook [10001855]
- Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual [10001361]
- CFI Syllabus [10001865]
- CFI Record Folder [10001866]
- CFI PTS (SE, ME, Inst) [10001362]
- CFI, CFII, MEI Instr. FAA Exam Package [10011875]
- Aviation Instructor's Handbook [10001839]
- FAR/AIM Manual [10001889]
- Instructor's Guide on CD-Rom [10002007]
- Book/Student Bag-Black [10001301]

**All updated material will be shipped with the kit**

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