Dual XGPS150 Receiver with Bluetooth

Dual XGPS150 Receiver with Bluetooth


Remote GPS for your iPad or iPhone!

This reliable GPS is easy to use, with a dedicated on/off button and built-in battery. Communicates via Bluetooth with all iPad models, iPhone, iPod Touch, and many Android®, Windows®, and Blackberry® smart phones and tablets. It's a great way to get reliable, accurate position information for use with popular apps like ForeFlight, Wing X and more. Just turn it on and fly – no setup required.


  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver works with most apps that require GPS
  • Wirelessly connects to devices via Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8.5 hours
  • USB charging via the included USB cable
  • Includes a non-slip dashboard pad
  • Includes an adjustable strap to attach to an arm or a backpack
  • Includes 12V car charger

Also comes with a useful GPS Status Tool app (Available Free on the iTunes store). The app is a simple utility application that shows detailed information including:

  • Your location (or whether the device is still determining where you are)
  • How many satellites the device sees and the signal strength of each satellite
  • The battery level of the unit and whether or not it is charging
  • Confirmation the receiver is successfully connected to your iPad/iPod touch/iPhon
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