Lightspeed PFX

Lightspeed PFX

starting at $1,050.00

The new Zulu PFX raises the bar for active noise reduction (ANR) headsets, and is Lightspeed’s best headset ever. The company has long been known for making aviation headsets with innovative audio and noise reduction technology, and the Zulu PFX is no exception.

Innovative features:

  • Streaming Quiet™ dynamic ANR continuously adapts to your environment, extending the amount, consistency and frequency range of noise cancellation.
  • Acoustic response mapping measures your unique auditory landscape, adapting the audio response to your ear shape and size more maximum quiet, clarity and music quality.
  • Personal preferences can be set using the enhanced capabilities of FlightLink, Lightspeed’s exclusive iPad app: bass and treble levels, voice clarity boost, in-flight recording via Bluetooth.
  • Enhanced durability with rugged, Kevlar cables and stainless steel components.
  • Upgradeable firmware means unlimited potential for new software innovations in the future.

Auto shutoff feature saves battery life when not in use. Includes molded carrying case, straight cord, cell phone/music cable, and 4 AA batteries.

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