Snap Caps

Our Snap Caps are made from real live cotton plants, grown in rich soils, and sprinkled with natural water. No cotton animals were harmed in the making of any of our Snap Caps. After wearing a Snap Cap, wash it in cool water with any kind of liquid soap. Rinse well and let air dry. You could throw the cap into a clothes dryer, or use a hair dryer. It wonメt mind. Our caps are available in a multitude of colors and fabric patterns. We offer special limited production fabrics on a quarterly basis, and offer special pricing on discontinued fabrics. Our inventory of fabric patterns change rapidly, so if you see a fabric pattern you like, please don't hesitate get it today, cause tomorrow it may be gone forever. We are happy to make Snap Caps using your fabric patterns. Like a school color, or mascot logo. Also we can help you design a silk screen fabric pattern, then make them into Snap Caps.

In generally, the helicopter industry commonly referred to the item worn between the scalp and a helmet, as a skull cap. These caps have many purposes. Snap Caps prevent hot spots and sweating, they also prevent cross cottie contamination when sharing helmets. Snap Caps are designed to absorb sweat and scalp goo, preventing gunk build up in the epxensive helmet liner. Snap Caps help helmets slip on easier, and help to insulate a warm scalp from a cold helmet. They can be worn any season.

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